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A quick swig

About a quick swig

‘Give up Loving Pop’s ‘A Quick Swig‘ aims to get the public to think again before they are tempted to indulge in ‘liquid sugar’ in the form of sugary drinks. This short animated film is  designed to mimic the marketing efforts of the big sugary drinks manufacturers.  ‘A Quick Swig’ depicts the journey of a sugary drink as it passes through the body coming into contact with the teeth as it enters the mouth, and then the potential health impact on the body as it is processed. The film shows how overconsumption of sugary drinks can lead to nasty surprises for your health including obesity, type 2 diabetes and tooth decay.

The film has been launched as a second wave of the GULP campaign as public and media interest grows in the impact of sugar consumption on our health. Recent evidence collated by Public Health England identifies a duty on sugary drinks as one measure that could help to bring down sugar consumption in the UK. This is supported by the majority of the public with 55% in support of a sugary drinks duty. The introduction of a 20% duty could avoid over 3.5 million people being obese by 2025 and could save over £10 million in NHS health and social care costs*.

* Source : Short and Sweet: Why the Government Should Introduce A Sugary Drinks Tax. Executive Summary. Cancer Research UK and the UK Health Forum. February 2016. Available at: